Headboard Assembly Video

See how easily our modular headboard system comes together!

Transcript of our Instructional Assembly Video

Assembling your Heady Bed is simple. Lay all Heady Bed panels on a clean, flat surface, bed or floor with the fabric facing down. The number displayed on the back guides the placement of each panel for your customized headboard. To connect the adjoining panels, put a bolt through each hole; loosely screw a nut onto each bolt. Wait to tighten the nuts until all the panels are adjoined. Prop your headboard upright on your bed, resting it against the wall. Ensuring your headboard is level; make a small mark on your wall in the center of a panel on each side of your headboard. Place the bottom of your wall cleat 3.5 inches down from your mark on the wall and make new marks in the holes where you will put your 2 anchor-less screws. Put the wall cleat in position and using a Phillips screwdriver simply screw the anchor-less screws into the wall. Place your headboard on the wall by sliding the back of the headboard panel into the wall cleat. And that’s your Heady Bed.